Welcome to the Front Room Studio

The majority of season two was recorded in Chick's studio. He was very generous and accommodating, but we knew it wasn't a long-term solution. At the end of June, we signed a lease on an office space downtown New Palestine, the town we both grew up in and where Jess still lives. Mary lives just one town over so it was a perfect local spot for us to work out of.

July was spent cleaning, updating, and moving in, and by the first of August we were in business.

We're proud to introduce you to the Front Room Studio:

not terrible podcast-51.jpg

We're excited to be up and running. Is this just a space to podcast?

No way.

Front Room Studio is a place for Jess and Mary to collaborate on the podcast and other creative endeavors while also working on individual projects. Mary writes, freelances, and helps small businesses manage their social media platforms. Jess manages local artists and works on her YouTube channel. She is also beginning to expand her podcast network.

We hope to host small gatherings and workshops in the studio as well as share it with others looking for an intimate space to hold events.

The Front Room Studio is just beginning and so are we.


*All images by Huff Photography