#44: Brainspotting with Brooke Randolph

Episode 44 brings therapist Brooke Randolph back for another chat. This time she’s schooling Jess and Mary on brainspotting: what it is, how it helps, and who it’s for.

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Show Notes:

-You can learn more about Brooke Randolph here.

-What is brainspotting? You can read more about it here.

-Episode 33 with Brooke: Therapy Tips from a Therapist

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-Music for brainspotting and bilateral stimulation (use at your own risk!)

-Midwest Brainspotting Institute

-Give an Hour: giving help and hope to military families (and now first responders)

-Brainspotting Indy

-Recommended books: Brainspotting by David Grand and This is Your Brain on Sports by David Grand

-Connect with Brooke Randolph on her website, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

-If you’re local to Indianapolis, Brooke and her associates are accepting new clients, visit their website for more information.

-Theme song provided by The Easthills. "Expose Myself" can be found on their Death of a Salesman album.

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